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What would you think of me now? So lucky, so strong so proud
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19th-Feb-2011 12:48 am - picspam; oliver&chloe scenes part 1
Sooo, I've basically been re-watching Smallville for the last few weeks and since I'm in love with Chloe/Oliver (and I have some time this weekend), I thought why not do a picspam. Now, since this is more of a work in progress, I'm gonna do this in bits and pieces.

Here are the first three scenes of season 6 & 7.

Hope you like it!

(very image-heavy)

Reunion, Justice and SirenCollapse )
17th-Aug-2010 06:48 pm - doctor who; leverage; inception
This post is a bit weird. I couldn't find the right colouring somehow. Normally, I like to have the same colouring for every icon of one subject, but this time it turned out differently. Anyway, lots of variations in this one. Hope you like!

Doctor Who (5x01)[1 - 30]
Leverage (Season 3)[31 - 51]
Inception [52 - 101]


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

All of them under hereCollapse )
Wow, I can't believe that this post actually exists. But after the last Doctor Who episode i just knew I had to make some icons, and then I did some Glee ones and suddenly I realized that with the old ones I still hadn't posted, this could actually be a real icon-post. So, there you go. I'm not sure when the next one will be =)

Doctor Who (The Time of Angels)[1 - 20]
Glee (Power of Madonna) [21 - 39]
Smallville (Chloe/Oliver around Justice)[40 - 62]
Supernatural (early season 5) [63 - 76]
Stargate Atlantis (various) [77 - 90]
Merlin (various) [91 - 112]


Don't BlinkCollapse )
fb//this doesn't seem right
Okay, this turned out to be one EPIC project for the challenge over at picspammy. Seriously, about 200-300 images per movie, even if they are not that big.
So be warned that this might take a while to load!

vm//the picture in my head
Yes, yes, yes. I know. No new icons. I'm somehow just not in the mood to do any. But because I want to do at least something. here's a picspam for the new challenge over at picspammy.

gg//bridges and falling
Ah well, I couldn't help myself and made yet another picspam for the current challenge over @ picspammy.

This time, it's the trailer of the movie Little Miss Sunshine.
Such a great movie with a great cast! It's funny, it's tragic, it's got a great story to tell! Go watch it if you haven't yet!

19th-Jul-2009 01:04 pm - Picspam; Death at a Funeral - Trailer
I decided to take some time off from university and writing my research paper, in order to do this.
I've seen quite a lot trailer picspams for the new challenge at picspammy already and I couldn't help myself =P

This is one of my absolute favorite movies. It's hilarious if you are into that sort of humor (which I know not everybody is). I've already seen it so many times I can't count and it still cracks me up =D

gg//bridges and falling
[06] Chuck
[06] Doctor Who
[16] Supernatural
[17] Veronica Mars
[17] Narnia (both movies)
[22] Fanboys
[17] Stock


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Total Icon Count: 101

I have a bad feeling about thisCollapse )

* please comment, 'cause me ♥s 'em :)
* credit nyxenart or nil-nyx in icon keywords/comments
* do not alter icons (textless icons are NOT bases!)
* nominations are love
*Friend me
* enjoy =P
So, I guess I couldn't help myself and had to do yet another picspam^^
This time from one of my favourite shows ever, VERONICA MARS! And what else but a picspam of Logan and Veronica?
From one of my favourite episodes?

So, yet again made for the challenge over at picspammy


Very image heavy...spoilery if you haven't seen that far

I know what it's likeCollapse )</span>

Please don't use these as bases for your icons. Don't hotlink.
Friend the community.
10th-Apr-2009 08:58 pm - Picspam; Doctor Who - New Earth
I've been meaning to do a picspam for a while now.

And now that I've found picspammy and their great challenges, I just HAD to do this one.

I completely adore this episode of Doctor Who, but especially these outdoor scenes are so damn gorgeous!

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